Peter H. Schönemann
Professor Emeritus • Department of Psychological Sciences • Purdue University
(with wife Roberta. Photo courtesy S. Nishisato, Toronto, Canada)

Peter H. Schönemann,  (July 15, 1929 - April 7, 2010)
Ph.D. University of Illinois, 1964
Thurstone Postdoctoral Fellowship, University of N. Carolina, 1965-66
Assistant then Associate Professor, Ohio State University, 1966-69
Postdoctoral Fellow, Educational Testing Service, 1967-68
Associate Professor of Psychology, Purdue University, 1969-2001.

Main research interests:

  1. Multivariate methods: Path analysis, factorial definitions of "intelligence," factor indeterminacy,  statistical power in confirmatory factor analysis,  Spearman Hypothesis artifact.
  2. Multidimensional scaling and measurement: Unfolding, subjective metrics models,  multidimensional psychophysics,  metrics for bounded response scales.
  3. Quantitative behavior genetics: Variance component models for  heritability indices based on twin data, "non-shared environment".
  4. Test theory: Hit-rate bias, base-rate problem, minority discrimination.
  5. Mathematical tools for social scientists: Matrix derivatives, correlation and convolution algebra.

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