Peter H. Schönemann
Professor Emeritus • Department of Psychological Sciences • Purdue University

Abstract 47


Schonemann, P. H.

Jensen's g: Outmoded theories and unconquered frontiers

In S. Modgil and C. Modgil (eds.): Arthur Jensen: Consensus and Controversy. New York: Falmer Press, 1987, 312-327.


  1. On relevance
  2. On definitions
  3. On manifolds
  4. The Great Society
  5. True Greatness
  6. On unconquered frontiers


An invited chapter to a volume devoted to Arthur Jensen's work. Originally, the editors intended to have two contributors per topic, one favorable and the other critical. As it turned out, only two of all contributors were critical, the other  one being James R. Flynn ("Flynn effect").

The title borrows from Jensen, A.R. (1979) "g: Outmoded theory or unconquered frontier?' Creative Science and Technology, 11, 16-29.

The main story is contained in sec. 4, The great Society. It gives a concrete and elementary illustration of the factor indeterminacy issue, complete with two sets of equivalent factor scores for the same 8x3 score matrix. For a more abstract treatment, see Schonemann and Steiger (1978) and Schonemann (1981).